Rethink Counseling.

Receive counseling in the comfort and convince of your home or office.



I do provide counseling services through telehealth video/audio conferencing for intake, individual, career counseling sessions (60 and 90 min sessions) via Simple Practice’s HIPAA-compliant platform.

I do not provide telehealth for couples and parent-child counseling sessions. These offerings are only for in person, in office setting.

For ethical and legal reasons, I can only provide services to clients via teleheath who are located in Virginia or Washington D.C., because I am licensed to practice in these areas. Certain states prohibit counselors to practice that are not licensed in the state. If you are traveling to a state that I am not licensed in, I will not be able to provide services. For these reasons, I will ask for proof of residency either via driver’s license and/or current mailing address.

In order to be eligible for telehealth, you are required to meet me for an 90 min intake session. This is also required of former clients who are returning to continue working on new goals.

Telehealth can be a wonderful compliment to treatment and can make services more accessible by eliminating the drive to my office and wait time in the office. For example, telehealth may be a good fit if you’re a caregiver, traveling within D.C. or VA, have limited access to transportation,and live in a rural area.

Telehealth is not a perfect replacement for my specific counseling approach. The current research indicates mixed results as to whether or not in person or telehealth has the most effective outcomes. In my expertise, I encourage in person meetings over telehealth methods because: a) my humanistic and holistic approach works better when I have the ability to assess your emotional and physiological responses in real time and b) it is more secure. However, I understand that convenience and access can make all the difference in someone receiving treatment and I am committed to providing quality mental health services no matter how you choose to see me.

Clients can do a combination of both methods, all in person, or all telehealth—after they complete the required in person intake session.

You will need access to a computer with audio and camera capabilities as well as high speed internet. Due to the sensitive nature of what we may discuss, it’s also important that you virtually meet me in a quiet space with little to no distractions or possibility of others interfering or interrupting. We will discuss specific policies and procedures surrounding telehealth. For example, we will discuss the procedures for the possibilities of losing internet connection/technical issues mid-session and being unable to connect at the start of the session.

The fees for telehealth are the same as in person session. For telehealth, most insurances charge a co-payment just like traditional appointments, and it most likely will be the same amount. To be sure, please contact your insurance provider directly and ask.

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