Dr. Monica P. Band, LPC (DC & VA), CRC, NCC, ACS, CCC, CCCE  She/her/hers

Dr. Monica P. Band, LPC (DC & VA), CRC, NCC, ACS, CCC, CCCE




I do not prescribe medications. I can work with your prescribing physician with your written consent.

I do provide counseling by telehealth method of video conference through Simple Practice’s HIPAA-complaint platform. To learn more, click here.

My Philosophy + Approach

I believe we go through most of our day-to-day lives without the freedom or relief of expressing who we really are or how we truly feel. Sometimes, this is because we do not have the space, relationships, or safety to do so.

Counseling can provide that relief, be that space, and provide that safety, while the therapeutic relationship can facilitate that self-exploration process.

When we push down or deny our true feelings and desires we move further from our authentic and balanced self. Sometimes, our body tells us that we need help before our mind does (i.e. sleep disturbances, change in appetite, blood pressure, heart rate, etc.) Soon, we find ourselves experiencing stress, anxiety, and issues in our lives.

I believe that many uncomfortable feelings, disorders, and some physical symptoms of pain/tension can be explained by taking a deeper look into our unresolved issues, traumatic experiences, and the quality of relationships with those closet to us. 

My primary approach to counseling aims to address the core of your issues by directly challenging those defenses and unhealthy relationship patterns that emerge in the counseling session. The purpose of this method is to increase self-awareness, allowing you to become more conscious of your emotions and thoughts, so that we can begin to understand how to address them in a more healthy way.

During our time together, I will also integrate experiential support through mindfulness, breath work, intentional movement, and contemplative exercises in order to strengthen your body and mind during emotional distress. The purpose of this method is to reclaim your senses in a safe and therapeutic environment in order to strengthen your resilience and improve your tolerance for future distressing physiological experiences. I believe by honoring our body and mind, we can feel more in control and create sustainable change.

Meaningful Experience + Transparency

It is not always easy to share. I believe vulnerability is a privilege to receive and hold. In this way, I want to be transparent with you throughout my process, which includes the expertise that I bring to our therapeutic relationship.

Whether you work with me or another counselor, I believe it’s important to be informed. I value our therapeutic relationship and respect your time. For these reasons, I offer a free 15 minute consultation for us to discuss your needs and address any questions. Additionally, I believe it’s important for you to know the background and training of who you will be working with. For this reason, I offer my Curriculum Vitae to share my professional activity and credentials. I am very proud to be an active member of the counseling profession through scholarship, service, advocacy, and leadership.*

Also, I follow the American Counseling Association's Code of Ethics. I strive to be a culturally competent counselor and I use the Multicultural and Social Justice Competencies as a framework.

*I am continuously updating my CV. This CV was last updated at the beginning of August 2019.


Licensed Professional Counselor, Washington D.C.: PRC15181
Licensed Professional Counselor, Virginia: 0701008450
National Certified Counselor, 321634
Certified Career Counselor, CA-163877827
Certified Career Counselor Educator, CA-6307862292
Certified Rehabilitation Counselor, 00118170
Approved Clinical Supervisor, 2682


Ed.D., Counselor Education and Supervision, Marymount University
M.A., Rehabilitation Counseling, The George Washington University
B.S., Psychology, The University of Mary Washington
Gottman Method Couples Therapy: Completed Level 1 & 2 Training
Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing (EMDR)
Practicing EMDR and receiving ongoing consultation from an approved EMDR therapist
Completed Part 1: October 2019
Scheduled for Part 2: February 2020

To learn more about me and to see if we are a good fit for counseling or clinical supervision, please contact me. To learn more detail about the healing services I provide, please click here.